Munster and Leinster Cleaning Services (MLCS) Ltd is an innovative technology driven cleaning services company based in Kilkenny.

Our vision is to be the ‘preferred supplier’ for cleaning services in Ireland.

Our values are:

Q   Quality, in everything that we do

U   Unique – we differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our service, and through the use of  technology

A   Available – 24/7 to meet our customers’ needs

L   Loyal – to our customers and our staff, and respectful of their needs.

I    Innovative, leading the way

T    Technology driven – moving away from the traditional

Y   Yes – we will always find a way

Our quality policy is to delight our customers with cost effective, professional cleaning solutions using best practice cleaning methods and standards. We are available on a 24/7 basis to respond to their needs. We recruit and train hygiene teams who understand and embrace our values, and support them through respectful work relationships, developing their skills through training and providing them with the best equipment and supplies.

To support the implementation of this policy we have implemented a quality management system meeting ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

We set objectives to continuously improve the quality system and the service we deliver to our customers, and review these annually.

This policy is our public commitment to quality.



  1. The above policy statement is authorised and approved by the Managing Director.
  2. It is reviewed annually as part of the ISO 9001:2008 Management Review.
  3. A copy is issued to all staff at induction.
  4. A copy, signed by the Managing Director is on permanent display on the company website.

Role of Managing Director

·         To manage the facility and hygiene management services provided by MLCS to our customers
·         To maintain operational and managerial services that comply to statutory and mandatory requirements
·         To be a specialist advisor for all aspects of hygiene and cleaning management solutions to clients

Role of MLCS Supervisors

·         Organize staff,
·         Prepare and manage cleaning rosters
·         Check and replenish cleaning supplies, and retain suppliers documentation
·         Deal with supplier issues as they arise and report to MD,
·         Check and monitor quality of cleaning standards (through supervision and eCAT)
·         Maintain required standards (uniforms, training)
·         Record time sheets and return weekly to the Managing Director
·         Track additional hours for billing,
·         Provide cover for staff (holidays, sick leave)
·         Liaise with customers, and address customer feedback as it arises
·         Lead and support continuous improvement programme

Role of Hygiene Team Members:

·         Follow agreed work schedule
·         Wear uniforms and PPE provided
·         Observe all quality procedures and work instructions
·         Maintain required standards, as per Cleaning Specifications, and BICS
·         Attend training when required
·         Good timekeeping, observing customer local requirements
·         Liaise with customers and report feedback to supervisor